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As per the Sources, there is a surging demand for the Certified Data Scientist Expertise. Data Science is everywhere where it is creating explosive growth of the digital world that requires professionals to build strong skills to face real world challenges with ease. Almost every business uses some kind of data analytics tools nowadays such as local realtors are now using analytical tools to set property valuations, while UPS has been crunching numbers for years to optimize deliveries on its drivers’ routes.
Data Science Training in Hyderabad at Analytics Path will surely help the aspirants to become Certified Data Scientist Expertise to solve the real time business challenges. There are incredible career options for the Expertise to deliver the most optimized solution with industry centric approaches and state of art methodologies.
Free Data Science Demo Sessions Take Away
• The Data Science Revolution
• What is Data Science? Why Data Science?
• What do Data Scientist do? and Who are Data Scientist?
• Specialization in Data Science and Why Professionals looking for the Transition into Data Science Industry?
• Machine Learning Techniques covered in the course?
• Hands on exposure to popular tools in Data Science – R / Python / Spark MLLIB
• Interact with analytics professionals and consult them about the eligibility criteria, opportunities, pay scale and more
Who can attend Free Data Science Interactive Sessions?
Participants who are aspiring to make a career in this Data Science field must surely attend this Free Data Science Demo to showcase skills for the career enhancement.
 Graduates
 Working Professionals
 Department Heads and other senior managers
 Marketing Professionals
 Business Managers
 Project Managers
 Senior Leaders
 Data Analysts
 Executives with analytical aptitude who are interested in learning Business Analytics.+++